Top 5 Reasons to Choose WordPress

Powering nearly 1 in 4 websites, WordPress remains the world's most popular and widely used content management system (CMS). Of course, there's a good reason for its popularity: WordPress is fast, efficient, cleanly coded, and can be used for all types of websites and blogs. Today we're going to reveal just a few of the many awesome features included in the platform. Import Posts from Another Blog Do you currently have a blog hosted on LiveJournal, Movable Type, TypePad or Tumblr? Well, you can import the posts to WordPress using its convenient import feature. In just a few clicks of the ...

5 Ways to Speed Up a WordPress Blog

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How long does it take the average visitor to load your WordPress blog? Studies have shown that Internet users have become increasingly impatient, with the majority of users clicking the back button in their browser if a website fails to load in just four seconds. The good news is that you can speed up your WordPress blog or website by following some simple steps. Speed Up Your Website: Enable Caching What is caching and why should you have it enabled? Caching refers to the process of storing bits of data within a web browser. Instead of forcing visitors to download entire webpages each a...

6 Things to Consider When Choosing WordPress Themes

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If you use WordPress as your blogging platform, you have an almost limitless number of WordPress themes from which to choose. Many are free, and are fine, but you might want to consider these things before you decide which theme to use for your blog. Is It Responsive? Given the fact that more people now use mobile devices to access the Internet than traditional desktop PCs, it's essential that bloggers choose a mobile-friendly theme. Thankfully, there are hundreds of mobile-friendly "responsive" themes available for WordPress. Responsive themes use a combination of CSS3 media queries and p...

WordPress 4.4 Now Live

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The world's most popular blogging platform and content management system (CMS) WordPress just received a major facelift. WordPress 4.4 - New Features Earlier this month, developers released WordPress 4.4, introducing a new theme, along with numerous features, improvements, and bug features. Whether you currently use WordPress or are thinking about using it, you should take note of the recent changes made to version 4.4. Dubbed "Clifford," in remembrance of the late jazz musician Clifford Brown, WordPress 4.4 places an emphasis on speed and responsiveness. Twenty Sixteen Theme Among the ...
More Receives New Visual Editor

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Good news bloggers: the popular hosted blogging platform recently introduced a new visual editor. Developers released the new visual editor last month, introducing several features and performance improvements to the millions of bloggers who use the platform. It's important to note, however, that the update was limited strictly to the hosted version of WordPress, which is found on If your blog runs the self-hosted version, found at, you won't see the new visual editor. It's Faster So, what kind of changes were made to the visual edi...

WordPress Tips and Tricks

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One of the reasons WordPress is so popular is it's easy to use little tips and tricks to improve your blog's visibility. Today we're going to share a few. Use a Custom Avatar WordPress uses a universal avatar system known as Gravatar. So anytime someone posts a comment, the Gravatar associated with their email address is displayed alongside their name. You can create a custom Gravatar by visiting the linked website and setting up an account. Just remember to use the same email address that's associated with your WordPress email address, as Gravatars are linked by email. Highlight Author C...

Make WordPress Look Like a Regular Website

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WordPress is often touted as being the most popular and powerful blogging platform on the web. Of course, there's a good reason for this: the free-to-use CMS is loaded with blogger-friendly features, such as built-in commenting, support for multiple authors, tags, and more. But that doesn't necessarily mean that it can't be used to build standard websites. On the contrary, many webmasters still use WordPress for building standard, non-blog websites. Static Page vs Dynamic Posts If you're looking to use WordPress to build a standard website instead of a blog, you should first switch the ho...

WordPress to Develop Accelerated Mobile Pages Plugin

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As more and more Internet users toss out their clunky desktops in favor of smaller and more convenient mobile devices, there's a greater emphasis placed on creating mobile-friendly websites. But just because your website looks fine on a smartphone or tablet doesn't necessarily mean that it's properly optimized for mobile compatibility. Mobile devices often render pages more slowly than desktops, which may cause some users to click the back button in their browser before waiting for the site to load. Accelerated Mobile Pages Project This has prompted Google to launch its Accelerated Mobile...

Free vs Paid WordPress Themes: Which Should I Choose?

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One of the reasons why WordPress is such a popular blogging platform is because it supports the use of interchangeable templates known as themes. Rather than coding a new blog design from scratch, you can simply download and activate a theme. Within seconds, your blog will have a new appearance while still retaining all of its existing content. But should you choose a free or paid/premium theme for your WordPress theme?   Attribution Links It's not uncommon for free themes to contain attribution links in the footer. These are classified as site-wide links, meaning they show up on ever...

Easy WordPress Optimizations Tips

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One of the reasons why so many bloggers and webmasters choose WordPress for their content management system (CMS) is its ease of use. Whether you are experienced in web design or not, you should have no problem launching a WordPress site. Using the platform's signature 5-minute installation, you can have a site up and running in minutes. But if you really want to take advantage of WordPress and everything it has to offer, you should optimize your site using the following techniques.   Limit Your Plugins There's nothing wrong with using plugins on a WordPress blog or website. In fact, ...