Reasons to Include Images in Your Blog Posts

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If you look at some of the web's most popular blogs, you'll notice they all have one thing in common: they feature images in addition to text. While text is the backbone of most pieces of engaging content, images can enhance the experience the end user. To learn more about the benefits of using images in blog posts, keep reading. Images Break Up Text Have you ever encountered a webpage consisting of nothing more than a large wall of text? If you have, chances are you didn't read it, because pure-text articles such as this are difficult to read. Studies have shown that visitors are more li...

How Many Pages Should My Blog Have?

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This is a question that many first-time bloggers ask. Conventional wisdom should lead you to believe that bigger blogs are better than smaller ones. However, you must also consider the work and time requirements that go into creating a blog. So, how many pages should your blog have? Let me first start off by saying that there's no easy answer to this question. Because every blog is unique, lengths are going to vary depending on a number of different factors. If your blog is new, for instance, it may only have a half a dozen pages, which is perfectly fine as long as you continue to build n...