Image Optimization 101: How To Optimize Your Site’s Images

When you're busy researching topics and writing new posts/articles, it's easy to overlook something as simple as image optimization. Besides, if an image looks okay on your website, what's the point of optimizing it? Well, just because an image loads and functions doesn't necessarily mean that it's optimized for maximum performance. Making small tweaks to it can reduce your site's load time, which subsequently improves user engagement and possibly even increase your site's search ranking. File Type There are several different image file types from which to choose, including JPG (the most pop...

Where To Find Images For Your Blog

old camera
As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, holds true when blogging. Adding relevant images to your blog posts will encourage a higher level of visitor engagement, which in turn translates into a better blog. Due to international copyright laws, though, you can't simply copy and paste any image you come across. To legally use an image on your website, you must download it from a source that grants such permissions. Flickr Creative Commons Arguably, one of the best source of free-to-use images is Flickr Creative Commons. With over 20 million images and counting, you can find pic...

Graphics from Fiverr…I kid you not, this happened

So, I had been thinking alot about having one of those stylized images of me on this site. You know, the images that look like they have been painted or watercolored or created with markers. I figure what better way to do this than to go to After all, has been a great place to go for other simple needs...(hint: writing isnt one of these). Anyway, I create the job, pay the $5.50 plus a $5 expedite fee. I send them this image. . Yeah, I know.  Its pretty lame, but I needed this type of image for my book and its the one I had handy.   Now, I was expecting something...