Free Blog Setup

That’s right.  If you need some help, I can set this up for you….free of charge.

You may be wondering, “how can you do this for free?”  Well actually, we can’t.  But, our hosting partner will pay us to set the WordPress site up for you.  You get the benefit of free professional wordpress installation services, they get a new customer and we get paid a small fee to do the work.  So, let’s get started!

We just need to coordinate some things.

First, You need a domain name. If you already own one, go and secure the credentials (login, password, URL of domain registrar). If you want a new one, you can set it up when you setup hosting.

Next, you need to order hosting. Don’t worry, this is only like $4 per month…really. They will ask you to pay for a year at once….so you are out around $50 for a year of hosting and $10 for the domain. To get this started just click here. This will take you to THE best value on the web. That is, the best performance and support at the lowest price.

Follow the steps in the video below to buy the new domain and setup hosting.

Once you have your transaction completed, get the login and password and send it to us. Below is a simple form. Fill it out and we will take care of setting everything up for you.

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