How Many Pages Should My Blog Have?

Frequently Asked Questions, number of blog pagesThis is a question that many first-time bloggers ask. Conventional wisdom should lead you to believe that bigger blogs are better than smaller ones. However, you must also consider the work and time requirements that go into creating a blog.

So, how many pages should your blog have?

Let me first start off by saying that there’s no easy answer to this question. Because every blog is unique, lengths are going to vary depending on a number of different factors.

If your blog is new, for instance, it may only have a half a dozen pages, which is perfectly fine as long as you continue to build new pages. But if your blog is several years old, it should probably have dozens if not hundreds of pages. A blog’s age will have a direct impact on the number of pages it has, simply because older blogs allow greater time for the blogger to produce content.

Blog Storage Location

Something else that will affect a blog’s page count is the manner in which new content is stored. If content is stored in a single location, the blog will naturally have fewer pages. If new content is stored in multiple locations, however, (e.g. archives, tags, categories, author), it will have significantly more pages. With WordPress, each time you publish a new post or page, it creates several pages to store the content; thus, increasing your blog’s total page count.

Blog Niche

Certain niches may also yield more pages than others. If you run a blog about an evergreen topic, you may struggle to come up with new post ideas, at which point your blog may only have a few pages. But if your blog focuses on an evolving topic like health or fashion, you should have no problem coming up with new ideas.

Post Frequency

According to some of the net’s leading bloggers, you should publish a minimum of two posts per week. Therefore, a good rule of thumb is to strive for a minimum of two pages for each week of your blog’s age. If your blog is two months old, this means it should have a total of 8 pages. If your blog is one year old, it should have 48 pages.

Don’t get caught up in page count when blogging, and instead focus your efforts on publishing high-quality content that’s useful and relevant to your target demographic. While Google uses page count to help determine where and how to rank websites, it doesn’t hold as much weight as the site’s content. By publishing high-quality content to your blog on a regular basis, it will encourage both human visitors and search engines to check it out.

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How Many Pages Should My Blog Have?
The number of pages in blogs can vary greatly, determined by the blog's age, topic and frequency of posting. We explain more about blog length here.

3 thoughts on “How Many Pages Should My Blog Have?

  1. Simon says:

    I always recommend focusing on providing quality content and building out as you go. You can start low and grow as you see fit. However, you must be sure that you are offering value on each of your pages and not just filling space.

  2. J. Vaughn says:

    As you suggest, the number of pages depends on a variety of factors. There is no “magic” number of pages you should have.

  3. Cierra Lauren says:

    I’m just starting out and appreciate these suggestions. I must admit that I probably worry more about the number of pages than I really should.

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