5 Ways To Make Your Blog More Trustworthy

Photoxpress_1893511Including the right trust signals on your blog will boost your traffic, and subsequently your conversions. Visitors often look for certain elements before purchasing a product or service online. If your blog fails to deliver these elements, the visitor may take their business elsewhere (to a competitor’s site). So, how can you make your blog more trustworthy?

Professional Web Design

Your website’s overall design plays a critical role in its trustworthiness. You can’t expect visitors to trust your blog if it uses the default, untouched WordPress theme. Granted, building a custom web design takes money and time, but that’s a small price to pay for the positive impact it will have on visitors. The bottom line is that every serious blogger should invest in a unique, custom web design.


According to Econsultancy, 88% of its customers read previous shoppers’ reviews before making a purchase. That’s a shockingly high number that attests to the power of reviews. Allowing customers to submit reviews on your blog creates greater transparency, which in turn makes your blog more trustworthy. And don’t feel discouraged if you discover a negative review. As long as the majority are positive, a couple negative reviews shouldn’t harm your blog’s reputation.


Long load times are a sure-fire way to send visitors heading out the door. Internet users today have become increasingly impatient, with the average user waiting no longer than a couple seconds for a site to load before clicking the back button in his or her web browser. Failure to optimize your blog for faster loading times will create a red flag, warning visitors not to purchase your products and/or services.


There are some instances in which testimonials should be used in place customer reviews, such as blogs and websites that offer a service rather than a product. However, you should always contact the customer beforehand to see if they will allow you to display their testimonial. Assuming the customer has a good experience, they should gladly grant you permission to use their testimonial.

Contact Information

We saved the best for last: contact information. Personally, I’m wary of submitting my credit card information to a website that doesn’t have contact information clearly listed. Should an issue arise, I want to know that I can contact the site via email or phone.

What elements do you use to create a more trustworthy blog? Let us know in the comments section below!

3 thoughts on “5 Ways To Make Your Blog More Trustworthy

  1. Gladys Lombardo says:

    I will try to use every single step you wrote

  2. Clarine Mann says:

    I just applied 2 of these to my store. Thanks for this tips!

  3. Brenda Pierce says:

    Thanks what a good, concise and powerful advice.

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