5 Ways To Attract More Visitors To Your Blog

blog-rss-01Trending Topics

One of the easiest and most effective ways to attract new visitors to a blog is to write about trending topics. If a particular topic is being talked about in the news and media, you can expect people to search for it online. Check out Google Trends for some topic ideas. Another helpful tool is Hasthtags.org, which displays the top #hashtags currently trending on Twitter.

Comment on Other Blogs

How can commenting on other blogs bring traffic to your own blog? Assuming the blog allows visitors to submit comments, you should be able to include a backlink pointing to your blog. Anyone who sees your comment can then click on your name to access your blog; thus, funneling traffic to your own blog. If you intend to attract visitors using this method, however, there are a few things you should know.

  • Use an actual name (real or ‘pen name’, not a keyword).
  • Take the time to create useful, relevant comments that provide real value to the original blog post.
  • Don’t command/ask others to visit your blog.
  • Publish comments on blogs that are related to your own blog’s niche.
  • Avoid publishing comments on blogs riddled with comment spam, as this may have a negative impact on your SEO efforts.

Post Links on Social Media

When you publish a new blog post, log into your social media accounts to spread the word. Creating links to your new blog posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ can drive tons of visitors to your blog. As an added bonus, search engines will take notice of these social signals, further boosting your site’s search ranking.

Include Images

If you aren’t including at least one image in each of your blog posts, you’re missing out on an incredibly easy way to attract new visitors. By using images, Google will place links within its Google Images index, offering visitors another way to access your site. Of course, images also improve the overall quality and readability of blogs, encouraging visitors to return. The bottom line is that every blog should use images within each post.

Post Frequently

The golden rule of blogging is to publish new posts on a regular basis. It’s not uncommon for new bloggers to create one or two posts, at which point their interest is diverted towards other projects and activities. Without new content, however, there’s really no reason for visitors to return.

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  1. Elodia Blaser says:

    Good Information and Points to Follow

  2. Ricky Turner says:

    This is straight forward and most helpful. Really valuable as i am starting my blog up

  3. Beverly Lamb says:

    i agree If a particular topic is being talked about in the news and media, you can expect people to search for it online

  4. Mantra Gayatri says:


    Great idea for attracting visitors.

    I will also try on my blog and let you know what happen.

    Thanks for sharing best tips.

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