How to ‘Wake Up’ a Dormant Blog

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Has it been months or even years since you've published a new post on your blog? It's no secret that blogs thrive on fresh, high-quality content. So when you neglect to publish content, the blog may sink down into the abyss where countless others remain, only to receive a small trickle of traffic. But before you delete your dormant blog, you should first attempt to wake it following the steps listed below. Change the Design The first step in waking up a dormant blog is to change the design. Both search engines and human visitors will take notice of your blog's new design, increasing its enga...

WordPress Tips and Tricks

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One of the reasons WordPress is so popular is it's easy to use little tips and tricks to improve your blog's visibility. Today we're going to share a few. Use a Custom Avatar WordPress uses a universal avatar system known as Gravatar. So anytime someone posts a comment, the Gravatar associated with their email address is displayed alongside their name. You can create a custom Gravatar by visiting the linked website and setting up an account. Just remember to use the same email address that's associated with your WordPress email address, as Gravatars are linked by email. Highlight Author C...

Google Publishes SEO Advice For April 21 Deadline

Google is expected to roll out a major change to its search ranking algorithm on April 21, 2015. The update, dubbed "Mobilegeddon" by some, will focus on improving the quality of Google's index by raising the rankings for mobile-friendly websites (hence the name). Google has taken a keen interest in mobile compatibility lately, encouraging websites to update their websites and blogs so they are compatible for smartphone users. To better prepare webmasters for the upcoming Mobilegeddon, Google has published a guide on common mobile mistakes. The Mountain View company first tweeted the guide ...