6 Things to Consider When Choosing WordPress Themes

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If you use WordPress as your blogging platform, you have an almost limitless number of WordPress themes from which to choose. Many are free, and are fine, but you might want to consider these things before you decide which theme to use for your blog. Is It Responsive? Given the fact that more people now use mobile devices to access the Internet than traditional desktop PCs, it's essential that bloggers choose a mobile-friendly theme. Thankfully, there are hundreds of mobile-friendly "responsive" themes available for WordPress. Responsive themes use a combination of CSS3 media queries and p...

The Hidden Costs of Starting a Blog

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One of the reason why so many bloggers choose WordPress is because it's free. Other blogging platforms may cost hundreds of dollars per year, but WordPress is completely free to download and use with no strings attached. However, there are other, more discreet costs to blogging that shouldn't go unnoticed. Blog Images There's a reason why every blog post we publish has at least one image: because images improve user engagement while boosting traffic in the process. If you plan on starting a blog, you'll need to find a suitable source from which to acquire images. Copyright laws prohibi...

Free vs Paid WordPress Themes: Which Should I Choose?

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One of the reasons why WordPress is such a popular blogging platform is because it supports the use of interchangeable templates known as themes. Rather than coding a new blog design from scratch, you can simply download and activate a theme. Within seconds, your blog will have a new appearance while still retaining all of its existing content. But should you choose a free or paid/premium theme for your WordPress theme?   Attribution Links It's not uncommon for free themes to contain attribution links in the footer. These are classified as site-wide links, meaning they show up on ever...

Getting Started as a Blogger: What You Should Know

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So you're thinking about starting a blog? Whether it's for commercial or recreational purposes (or both), you'll find that blogging is a fun and rewarding experience that allows you to share your thoughts with readers. And if you do it right, people will begin to remember who you and what you write about, following your blog to catch future updates. What to Blog About One of the first steps in getting started as a blogger is to decide what you want to blog about. This is arguably the single most important step, simply because it will dictate your blog topics. Choosing a niche that doesn't in...

5 Reasons to Blog with WordPress

Thinking about launching a new blog? One of the first steps in blogging is to choose your content management system (CMS). From Blogger and Tumblr to WordPress and Joomla, there are dozens of possibilities available. However, WordPress remains the world's most popular blogging software. Here are some of the reasons why: It's Free Did I mention WordPress is completely free to download and use? Whether you choose the hosted or self-hosted version, you can launch a WordPress blog for virtually nothing. Granted, there are some premium themes and templates for sale, but these are optional and not...

How to Autopublish WordPress Posts to Facebook

Facebook is the world's largest social media network, boasting a jaw-dropping 1.3 billion monthly users. As a blogger, you can use this to your advantage by syndicating your content here. Anytime you publish new content on your blog, you should either link to it or republish it on Facebook. Doing so can drive boat loads of new traffic to your blog, helping to establish it as a leading figure in its respective niche. Granted, you can always publish links and content manually on Facebook, but doing so is both time-consuming and monotonous. Assuming your blog runs the WordPress content managem...

WordPress Posts vs Pages: What’s The Difference?

WordPress uses two different formats on which content is created and stored: posts and pages. Some users assume these formats are the same, with no distinguishable differences between the two. While they share some similarities in terms of appearance and function, however, posts and pages are two very different formats. Posts Posts are content-based entries that are displayed in chronological order (most recent appearing on top) on either the blog's home page by default. When you publish a new post, it will appear at the top of your home page, either in its entirety or as an excerpt (varies ...

Report: WordPress Remains The #1 CMS

There are dozens of content management systems (CMS) available, some of which include Drupal, Jooma, Business Catalyst, BigCommerce, Blogger and Tumblr just to name a few. However, WordPress remains the single most popular and widely used CMS for content-driven websites, according to a new report published by CodeGuard. The cloud-based data backup and monitoring service provider claims that approximately 79% of all content websites are powered by WordPress, with Drupal coming in at a distant second with just 72.%, and Drupal with 5.3%. This begs the question, why do so many webmasters and b...

Mistakes To Avoid When Starting a Blog

Thinking about starting a blog? Doing so is a great way to establish a strong presence on the web, generate a following, and even promote your products and/or services. However, you'll want to avoid making the following mistakes when blogging. Wrong Content Management System There are literally dozens of different content management systems (CMS) available, some of which include Drupal, Joomla, BigCommerce, Blogger, Business Catalyst, Tumblr and WordPress. With so many different choices, how do you know which one to choose? For the purposes of blogging, most experts will agree that WordPress...

How To Manage WordPress Comment Spam

Comment spam is something that every WordPress blogger must learn to deal with. I guess you could say it's a badge of honor or sorts, as it means spammers view your blog as being authoritative. But allowing such comments on your site can have a negative impact on its search rankings. Tell-Tale Signs of Comment Spam: Username contains keyword instead of an actual name (e.g. buy shoes online, California lawyer, roofing contractors, etc. Comment is generic and not related to the actual post topic. Comment contains one or more links to irrelevant pages. Moderate All New Comments T...