The Hidden Costs of Starting a Blog

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One of the reason why so many bloggers choose WordPress is because it's free. Other blogging platforms may cost hundreds of dollars per year, but WordPress is completely free to download and use with no strings attached. However, there are other, more discreet costs to blogging that shouldn't go unnoticed. Blog Images There's a reason why every blog post we publish has at least one image: because images improve user engagement while boosting traffic in the process. If you plan on starting a blog, you'll need to find a suitable source from which to acquire images. Copyright laws prohibi...

Should I Blog on a Dedicated Domain or Subdomain?

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This is a question many first-time -- and even some seasoned -- bloggers ask. Some believe dedicated domains are better suited for blogs, simply because they provide greater freedom and accessibility, whereas others prefer subdomains. If you can't decide between the two, keep reading for a break-down of the pros and cons associated with dedicated domains and subdomains for blogs. Dedicated Domains vs Subdomains: What's The Difference? Let's first go over the basics of dedicated and subdomains, as this a topic that confuses many people. A dedicated domain is exactly what it sounds like: a sta...

Checklist for Launching a WordPress Blog

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Thinking about launching a blog using WordPress? While this content management system (CMS) can be used to create all types of websites, it's particularly effective at developing blogs. WordPress supports multiple authors, visitor comments, tags/categories, and you can schedule postings, all of which are helpful tools when blogging. Define Your Niche The very step in launching a WordPress is to define your blog. In other words, what do you want your blog to be about? Going broad with a generalized topic rarely works, simply because there's too much competition for broad keywords. A smarter a...

How To Transfer a WordPress Site to a New Domain

Looking to transfer an existing WordPress site to a new domain? If you are reading this, I'm assuming the answer is yes. With traditional static sites, transferring involves nothing more than downloading the files from your old site and uploading them to your new one. Because WordPress uses databases, however, the process is a bit more technical. However, it can still be done, and we're going to walk you through the steps. Download The Core Files This alone isn't going to make your WordPress site appear on the new domain, but it's still one of the steps in the process of transferring it. Usi...

Subdomain vs Subdirectory For a Blog

Thinking about launching a blog to use in conjunction with your primary website? Unless you want to register a separate domain name, you'll have to choose between a subdomain or a subdirectory. While both methods can be used to create fully functional blogs, there are some key differences between the two that shouldn't go unnoticed. What's The Difference? The primary difference between a subdomain and subdirectory is the way in which the URLs are created. Blogs created as a subdomain feature URLs that are prefixed to the parent domain. If we created a separate blog as a subdomain on our site...