5 Trust Signals to Make Your Blog More Trustworthy

Plaque that reads "trust"
Lack of trust is a serious problem that can cost blogs and other websites tons of sales. If visitors view your blog as being untrustworthy, they won't feel comfortable making a purchase or taking any other direct action. Trust Seals What the heck is a trust seal? It's exactly what it sounds like: a seal (kind of like a logo) that's designed to instill trust in visitors. One of the most common and well-known trust seals is the Better Business Bureau (BBB) logo, which is found on numerous websites, big and small. Surprisingly, though, BBB isn't the most effective trust seal. A study conducted ...

Profile: Marc Srour – bioteaching.com

What I like about Marc's blog is how it stays true to the original objectives. And, while he mentions he has no "post schedule", he manages to maintain fresh content for his visitors. We recently had a chance to catch up with Marc and learn more about his blogging experience. "My blog is called Teaching Biology. It covers all aspects of biology that I am qualified to talk about, such as evolution, zoology, and palaeontology." "The site began in 2009 as a free hosted Wordpress blog. I moved it to its own domain and hosting a few months ago." "At first, the blog was just an extension o...