Welcome to WhyIStartedABlog.com

Starting a blog is easy! There, I said it…. really, it may seem a little daunting at first, but its quite simple. There is no need to know HTML. No need to understand how servers work. You just need to get started. I know you can do it!

This blog was started as a labor of love after helping many friends start their own blogs. Over the years I have created more that 75 blogs. The same questions kept coming up. Is it hard to start a blog? I am not a techie, what do I need to do? How do you keep motivated?

So, as a result I created this blog. In here you will find the step-by-step process of creating your own blog. You will also experience the writers journey with my regular posts.

I would like to believe that everything you need to get started is here. If not, let me know.

In the menu click “Ask John.” I will take your questions and answer them in the posts.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to WhyIStartedABlog.com

  1. Jessica Roland says:

    Great post I just started my own blog on Personal Finance

  2. Hermelinda Burr says:

    Thank you i have been researching for days on how to start a blog but i have been overwhelmed by all the information. I also have been hesitant to start because I don’t want to make any mistakes i can not fix. So Thank You for making it ok to just start

  3. Eva April says:

    Hi i am looking into starting a Blog

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