Easy Ways To Promote Your Blog

web-design-pitfallsTraffic is a direct indication of a blog’s success. Without traffic, no one will see what you are publishing, and thus your blog will fall into the abyss where countless others lie. If you’re struggling to generate traffic to your blog, check out some of the following methods of promotion listed below.

Submit Your Blog To Directories

Before you start submitting your blog to thousands upon thousands of directories, it’s important to note that there’s a difference between between high-quality and low-quality directories. Submitting your blog to the wrong directories could actually hurt your efforts by triggering a search ranking penalty, so focus on quality over quantity. Technorati is an excellent, high-quality directory that can drive tons of new traffic to your blog.

Enable RSS Feed

Of course, another simple way to promote your blog is to enable the RSS feed. RSS allows readers to easily stay informed by retrieving the latest content from  your site. Basically, this creates a simple XML file of your latest posts, which visitors can then subscribe to. WordPress enables RSS by default, so you don’t have to change anything if your blog uses WordPress. Other content management systems (CMS), however, may require some tweaking.

Social Sharing

Does your blog have prominent Facebook, Twitter and Google+ buttons on display? If not, you’re missing out on one of the easiest ways to generate new backlinks and more traffic. Each time someone “likes” or shares your content, others will notice. And if they also share your content, it can create a viral effect that snowballs out of control.

Comment on Other Blogs

Try to get into the habit of commenting on other blogs related to your niche/industry on a regular basis. Most platforms allow visitors to include a link back to their own blog or website. So if someone wants to learn more about you or your blog, they can click on the link to check it out. The key thing to remember is that you want to publish comments on blogs that are in some way related to your own blog.


While most people use pay-per-click (PPC) to advertise products or services, it can also be used to promote your blog. Think about what keywords interest your target audience and bid on them. Assuming they are low-cost keywords, PPC can prove to be an invaluable too in generating traffic to your blog.

How do you promote your blog? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Easy Ways To Promote Your Blog
As a blogger, traffic is the Holy Grail. If you're struggling to generate traffic to your blog, check out some of the following promotion methods.

3 thoughts on “Easy Ways To Promote Your Blog

  1. Hugo Lange says:

    Good ways to promote blog especially social sharing is very important

  2. Todd Hewitt says:

    I must remark that not all of these actions produce same level of traffic. While some would bring about appreciable increase in traffic, others would need time to generate traffic

  3. Sandra Johnson says:

    Very helpful I’m a beginner and like to start like this.

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