How to Attract More Comments on Your Blog

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A blog is an excellent platform for showcasing content while generating a strong response among readers. Because they are more personal and time-sensitive than traditional websites, they typically receive more comments. But you can go one step further by utilizing the following tips to encourage even more visitor comments. The Importance of Visitor Comments Why are visitor comments important for blogs? While there's no rule stating that you must allow visitors to submit comments, doing so will almost certainly prove beneficial. Fresh Content: For every comment a visitor makes, your blog re...

Should I Allow Visitors to Comment on My Blog?

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If you're thinking about launching a blog, one of the decisions you'll have to make is whether or not to allow visitors to submit comments. There are both advantages and disadvantages to enabling this feature. Many newcomers assume the best solution is to disable visitor commenting, but the answer isn't as cut and dry as this. So, should you allow visitors to submit comments on your blog? Benefits of Visitor Commenting The primary benefit in allowing visitors to comment on your blog is the free content it creates. Each time a visitor leaves a comment, it adds unique, relevant content to your...