Choosing a Niche for Your Blog

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Thinking about starting a new blog? Well, one of your first priorities should be choosing a niche. Many newcomers make the mistake of creating general blogs without a central theme or topic. Unless you have an established brand, however, this simply isn't going to work due to the excessive competition. So, how do you choose a niche for your blog? Passion/Interest Rather than choosing a blog subject based on its profitability, it's recommended that you choose a subject that actually interests you. You'll find it's easier to come up with topic ideas and write new posts if it involves somethin...

Why Your Blog Fails to Generate Revenue

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Among the most common reasons for starting a blog is to make money. Of course, this should come as little-to-no surprise given their near-limitless earnings potential. Michael Arrington's TechCrunch blog, for instance, is believed to generate nearly $15,000 per day in advertisements, while Huffington Post generates nearly $30,000 per day. If you're struggling to turn a profit with your blog, you should first check to make sure you aren't making one of the following mistakes. Ads are Poorly Blended Ads that "stand out" from a website or blog's native content are less likely to be clicked. Thi...

Blogging for Lead Generation

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Still struggling to generate leads for your small business? One of the easiest ways to attract new leads is to start blogging. It allows you to connect with your target audience on a more personal level, instilling the trust and confidence necessary to capture their contact information. Avoid 'List' Blog Posts Don't get me wrong, list, e.g., "Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid," are a highly effective and engaging form of web content, which of course is why you see so many of them online. They naturally capture readers' attention, enticing them to read through the items. But lists aren't particularly e...

How to Interlink Your Blog Posts

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Looking to interlink your blog posts together? While WordPress has dozens of helpful features built directly into the framework, it does not have an interlinking feature. With that said, there's a quick and easy solution that will allow bloggers such as yourself to create internal links. What is Interlinking? Before we reveal the steps to interlinking blog posts, let's first discuss the definition of the term. "Interlinking" refers to the process of creating internal, not external, links to other posts and pages on a website. Links can generally be classified as either external, meaning t...

5 Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts

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You can spend countless hours crafting the perfect blog post, but it's not going to yield any tangible results in people actually see it. This is why you should promote your blog posts after publishing them. Doing so will drive traffic to them, increasing your posts' visibility and hopefully generating new conversions and/or sales in the process. Share on Social Media One of the first things you should do after publishing a new blog post is to share the link on your social media profiles. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other networks for which you have accounts. Assuming you h...

5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Blog’s Traffic

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Traffic is a direct indication of a blog's success. If a blog receives little-to-no traffic, it's not going to gain any momentum for its respective niche. But how exactly do you encourage people to visit and engage themselves on your blog? Share Posts on Social Media One of the easiest ways to boost your blog's traffic is to share new posts on social media. Whenever you publish a new post, log into your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ profiles and link back to it. Assuming you have a decent number of followers, this will give your new posts an initial burst of traffic. And in some cases it ma...

How to Create an Effective ‘About the Author’ Page

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The key to maintaining a popular, successful blog is to establish a strong relationship with your readers. If readers view your blog as being nothing more than generic source of the same rehashed content that's found elsewhere on the web, you will ultimately fail to gain any notable traction. If your readers don't know much about you, you have less chance of connecting with them. This Is Where An 'About the Author' Page Proves Useful. With an 'About the Author' page, you can show readers that you are a real person, giving them a sneak peek at your personal side. Use a Head-Shot Photo When ...

Should I Copy Protect My Blog’s Content?

It's downright frustrating when you invest countless hours of hard work into writing a new post for your blog, only to discover that one of your competitors has copied it and is now using it on their blog. Unless they have your permission, what they are doing is generally illegal under copyright laws. But not many bloggers are going to spend the time and money to go after someone for copying their content. So, how can you copy protect your blog's content so this doesn't happen? Display the Copyright Symbol One helpful measure to discourage, but not prevent, stolen content is to display th...

Tips for Creating a Viral Blog Post

When a blog post goes viral, it can drive hundreds or even thousands of unique visitors to your blog in a short period of time. The first few visitors who access the post will share it on their social media profiles, increasing its visibility while attracting additional visitors in the process -- and those visitors will now share it with their friends and family members; thus, the cycle repeats. But how exactly do you create a viral blog post? Publish Trending Topics A helpful tip to make your blog posts go viral is to discuss trending topics. If a large number of people are talking about th...

Tips for More Effective B2B Blogging

Do you run a business-to-business blog? Blogging is tough enough, but the difficulty is amplified when your readers are business professionals instead of consumers. That's why today we're going to reveal some business-to-business (B2B) blogging tips. Limit Promotional Content There's nothing wrong with posting an occasional advertisement on your B2B blog, but you should keep promotional content to a minimum. You have to remember business-oriented users are generally not interested in purchasing in products. Instead, they seek informational content. The 1/5 rule tends to work well with B2B...