6 Questions to Ask Before Starting a New Blog

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There are several key questions to ask when starting a new blog that will position your blog for success and make it easier to connect with your target audience. What Will I Blog About? You can't expect to launch a successful blog without first identifying its core topic. Attempting to create a "general" blog with no single topic is a sure-fire recipe for failure. Opting for a more narrow topic, however, will reduce your competition while creating stronger relevancy with your audience. Am I Passionate About the Blog's Niche? Far too many bloggers choose their niche based on its monetary va...

Is Google Planning Another Panda Update?

Panda. Those five little words have struck so much fear into the hearts of webmasters and bloggers. When Google launched its first Panda update back in 2011, many people saw their sites' rankings drop overnight. But now there's talk of another Panda being released, it may happen sooner rather than later. What Is Panda? In case this is your first time hearing about Google's infamous Panda update, let me explain: "Panda" is the name given to a series of search ranking algorithm updates implemented by Google. The Mountain View company uses hundreds of different factors to determine where and ho...