Blogging Guidelines for Business Owners

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Who says that blogs are limited strictly for personal reasons? Businesses of all shapes and sizes can leverage the power of blogging to attract new customers and grow their brand identity. But there are some blogging guidelines you'll need to know when blogging as a business owner. Don't Send Traffic to Your Competitors Linking to relevant sources in your blog posts is a great way to enhance your own content while showing search engines that your blog isn't a one-way street way. But the golden rule of linking is to avoid linking to your competitors. If you add links pointing to your competit...

Tips for Better Business Blogging

Still struggling to generate a following for your business's blog? Being that blogs are more personal in nature than a typical website, many business owners fail to attract a sizable audience with their blog. If this sounds like a familiar scenario, keep reading for some helpful tips. Commit to a Posting Schedule One of the most common blogging mistakes made by small business owners is failing to publish new content on a regular basis. They may initially publish a new post every other day, but as time goes on, they begin to slack off. Rather than publishing every other day, perhaps they'll p...