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LisaCasaliLisa Casali’s blog, ecocucina, combines her two passions; cooking and the environment. She has found a unique and interesting way to fuse cooking advice with an environmentally friendly approach. On ecocucina Lisa manages to create great images to go with each recipe she shares.

Lisa was able to spend a few minutes discussing ecocucina with me.

“My blog is about how to reduce our environmental impact about food.”

The blog was started in 2009 as a way “to sensitize people to eat and cook more sustainably.”

What makes ecocucina truly unique is the approach to the ingredients for each recipe. “I cook only leftovers and foodscraps.”

When asked about her advice to new bloggers, Lisa’s advised, “To find an empty niche and fill it with all your best.”

Lisa has done just that –found a unique niche, driven by passion and served up for all of us to enjoy.

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  1. Luke P. Little says:

    Good advice to start with empty niche

  2. Timothy M. Lester says:


  3. Melinda J. Williams says:

    Good idea

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