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amee-living-stonWhat do you get when you combine a passion for Southern Cooking, the creativity of a seasoned chef and the discipline of a fitness coach?

Amee Livingston, the creator of Amee’s Savory Dish, delivers a great example of a healthy living blog consisting of recipes and tips on living a healthy lifestyle.  Amee took a moment to tell us about her journey.

“I began my blogging adventure in 2010.”

“I started my blog purely for enjoyment, it was a fun way to share my passion for fitness and food with others.  I didn’t realize that there were a lot of financial opportunities, other than ad revenue, for bloggers in the beginning.  It’s amazing how many doors have opened for professional bloggers over the last several years. Brands have taken notice that the key to marketing their products is through sources (the blogger) that the consumer trusts.  I have a lot of great friends that I have made through blogging and the connections alone have been worth the time investment.  It’s a lot of fun to connect with so many people with a common interest.”

“There are so many food blogs out there these days, that I try not to compare myself with other bloggers.  I create many of my own original recipes, as well as, sharing recipes from other bloggers and cooks.  I hope to always bring my own unique flair to the dishes that I post.  I shoot all of my own photos and take great pride in being the sole content creator of my site.  I also keep busy families in mind when I create my recipes.  I share recipes that are practical, healthy and simple to prepare.”

When asked about her advice to new bloggers, Amee said, “My best advice for newbies is to attend a blogging conference sooner rather than later.  You’ll have the opportunity to network with experienced bloggers and attend workshops to refine your skills.  I didn’t attend my first conference until last year and I wish that I would have done it when I first started four years ago.  It will allow you to take your blog from a hobby to a career, if that is your goal. Remember, building an audience takes time and LOTS of patience.  Have fun with your blog and be yourself.  Allow your personality to shine through in your writing and keep it enjoyable.  Good luck!”

Check out Amee’s Savory Dish for great recipes as well as Fitness Inspiration and dont miss out on Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Protein Bars.

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  1. Philip Woodard says:

    Thanks for the motivation!

  2. Ann Strecker says:

    I really like this and it has given me a kick in the right place to get a move on with my own blog

  3. Lawrence Rosario says:

    very encouraging

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