Tips for Creating an Effective FAQ Page

Does your blog have a page dedicated strictly to questions asked by your target audience? Creating a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page is a great way to add value to your blog while helping visitors in the process. If a visitor has a question about your blog, business, or a product that you offer, he or she may look at the FAQ page for an answer. Search engines will also index this page, ranking it for questions contained within the page. Look for Real Questions Asked by Users How many times have you gone to a business's FAQ page, only to be disappointed that the questions and answers...

5 Easy Ways To Uncover New Blog Topic Ideas

Still struggling to come up with new topic ideas for your blog? We all know the importance of publishing fresh content on a regular basis. It encourages search engines and visitors to return to your site, which often boosts your search ranking. Of course, this is easier said than done, especially in some of the more narrow niches. If this sounds like a familiar problem, check out some of the following ways to identify new topics. #1 – Search Forums When you are stuck and can't seem to think of any topics for your website, try searching through forums related to your niche. This is an excelle...

Coming Up With Ideas

The goal of writing for the web in today's SEO environment is to write for readers, not search engines. This means that your topic choices should be guided by the needs of your customers or readers. As we discussed previously, simply looking at the searches that people make involving certain keywords can yield tremendous insight into what people are looking for. There are a few other ways to tap into the needs of your readers directly: Question sites, like Quora or, often yield valuable insights into what questions people may have about any given topic. Find questions that seem to ...