Tip: Embed Media Into Your Blog Posts

video-64072_640If you aren’t embedding media into your blog posts, you’re missing out on one of the easiest ways to make them more appealing to visitors. While uploading images is a great way to break up pure-text posts, you can create an even deeper and more complex blog post by embedding videos, tweets, Pinterest pins, and more. It’s a quick and easy way to add value to your blog’s content, which will subsequently attract more visitors and possibly even higher search engine rankings.

YouTube Videos

How do you embed a YouTube video? Once you’ve found a video that you’d like to display on your blog, click the “Share” button (found directly underneath the video title) followed by clicking “Embed.” Next, copy the iframe code to your clipboard and place it within the area of your blog where you want the video displayed. After saving the changes to your blog, visit the page to test it out. If you followed these steps, you should see a YouTube video with full playback controls.


You can also embed tweets into your blog posts. If you come across a relevant tweet that you’d like to share with your readers, try embedding it directly into your post. Simply copying and pasting the tweet could be construed as copyright infringement, but embedded it generally OK since the content is still technically hosted on Twitter.

To embed a tweet in a blog post, click the “…” button at the bottom followed by “Embed.” You can then copy and paste the code just as you did with YouTube. Make sure to check the box labeled “Include Media” if you wish to include any images or videos in your tweet.


Embedding Pinterest pins is slightly more difficult but it can still be done. Rather than simply copying and pasting the code, you’ll need to use Pinterest’s widget builder, which allows you to build your own custom blog widget. Using the tool, you can specify the shape of your widget (e.g. square, rectangle, header, etc.), as well as the pins to include. Once it’s finished, you can then copy and paste the code into your blog.

What are your thoughts on embedding media into blog posts? Let us know in the comments section below!

Article Name
Tip: Embed Media Into Your Blog Posts
If you're not embedding images, videos, tweets or Pinterest posts into your blog, you're missing out on a valuable way to improve your blog. Read on for some tips!

One thought on “Tip: Embed Media Into Your Blog Posts

  1. Samantha says:

    Blogs containing media are far more entertaining. I especially love videos to accompany the written content.

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