Create Effective Landing Pages Using WordPress

qaWouldn’t it be great if you could create effective landing pages in WordPress instead of building them from scratch? It’s no secret that WordPress is used primarily for blogs, and for good reason: it supports both posts and pages, allows multiple users to log in and publish content, and offers a built-in visitor commenting feature. But WordPress can also be used to create brilliant, fully functional landing pages.

What Is a Landing Page?

If you asked ten different marketing experts what the definition of a landing page is, you would probably get ten different answers. Wikipedia, however, offers the clearest and most accurate definition: “a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result or an online advertisement.” Unlike traditional websites and webpages, however, landing pages should have an emphasis on conversion rates rather than usability functions like navigation. This is the key difference between them and the countless number of other webpages flooding the net.

Choose The Right Theme

An effective WordPress landing page begins with the right theme. Being that the sole purpose of a landing page is to generate sales, leads and/or conversions, you’ll want to choose a well-optimized theme. Avoid themes that are riddled with an excessive amount of design elements, focusing on simple designs instead. CyberChimps Responsive theme is an excellent choice, as it features a simple, prominent design built using fluid grid system that adapts to the user’s device. Oh yeah, did I mention it’s free?


If you look at some of the best landing pages, you’ll notice they all have one thing in common: a large and prominent call-to-action (CTA) is displayed above the fold. This might be something as simple as a “CLICK HERE TO BUY” button, or it can be a newsletter signup form. The CTA is essentially where you want your visitors to click, which is why it’s important to display it in a prominent, easy-to-see location on your landing page.

Minimize Navigation

Don’t make the mistake of displaying dozens of navigation links on your WordPress landing page. In normal websites and web pages, this is perfectly fine. But in landing pages, it may guide visitors away from the call-to-action, encouraging them to read articles rather than buy an advertised product or service.

Have any other landing page tips that you would like to share with our readers? Let us know in the comments section below!

Article Name
Create Effective Landing Pages Using WordPress
WordPress allows you to create landing pages, pages that are linked to from an ad or other site. Follow these dos & don'ts to build effective landing pages.

3 thoughts on “Create Effective Landing Pages Using WordPress

  1. A.Roche says:

    Make sure your landing pages are mobile friendly

  2. Liz Shellabarger says:

    I use heads and subheads in my CTAs – H1 for the main CTA & H2 for the details

  3. Pedro Arredondo says:

    I agree about keeping them simple – just focus on the main CTA and don’t try to cram too many things on the page

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