Top 3 Security Plugins for WordPress

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Powering approximately 60 million websites -- or 25% of the entire Internet -- WordPress is by far the world's most popular content management system (CMS). It's free to download, loaded with features, and offers both a WYSIWYG "visual" editor as well as a code editor. But one of the drawbacks to WordPress is its lax security. According to W3Techs, 17.8% of all WordPress sites are running outdated versions of the CMS, which subsequently places them at risk for hacking. Even if you are running the latest version of WordPress, it's still a good idea to strengthen your site's security by using...

Is Your WordPress Site Vulnerable?

Powering an estimated 75 million plus websites and blogs, WordPress is the world's largest and most popular content management system (CMS). It allows people with little-to-no coding experience to create beautiful, fully functioning websites in just minutes. However, the simplicity of WordPress has also spurred a lack of training among its users. According to a recent survey conducted by the cloud-based data backup service provider CodeGuard, 54% of survey respondents said they installed the latest version of WordPress between once a week and once every four weeks. This is a troubling stati...

Beware of Free WordPress Themes

One of the perks of using WordPress to blog is the ability to change your site's design on the fly. Creating a new web design template from scratch requires time, work, and a general understanding of coding. With WordPress, however, you can download and install a new "theme" to instantly change your site's design. However, you should think twice before using a free theme... There are around 10,000 or so WordPress themes available, some of which are free while others are premium (paid). When you're initially trying to build your blog, you may assume a free theme is the best option, as it all...