is it ok to let your dog die naturally

Although this is expected or even planned, it can still be a shock when it actually happens. If they have congestive heart failure or untreatable cancer, it might be worth looking into euthanasia since you don't want them to suffer. Adrienne Farricelli (author) on August 06, 2017: So true James, and now there are more and more vets who come at home and provide in home palliative and hospice care for old and ill pets. But we must think guilty about what? I'll always remember these words. Separate your dog from other pets so they can relax while chewing. My female rat terrier will be 18 in April. I assumed her person was due to pick her up, but she didn't have a family, feline or human. In the first euthanasia appointment I assisted with, the owner cried as he hugged his family and said, "It was so peaceful." Eliot D. Cohen, Ph.D., one of the principal founders of philosophical counseling in the United States, grappled with his decision to put his sickly dog, Bentley, down. Sweet and loving. As in, “Is it the humans who are suddenly ready for euthanasia or are our pets picking up on stressful holiday cues and ‘choosing’ to go the way of the rainbow bridge?”. Full Guide is here for Complete process for euthanize your dog with Tylenol. I scheduled a tooth extraction today because of a cracked Canine tooth and we thought it was causing some discomfort and it was. Any suggestions would be helpful. This can … after 13 years my dog was put to rest she had a yeast infection i wanted to keep her blanket to help with her passing is it safe ? Given that uncertainty, it seems to me that erring on the side of caution––of preventing the suffering by letting euthanasia preempt it––is always the right way to go. But you must keep in mind, your dog had become a member of your family. My heart goes out to you, I struggled for days about whether to go to the vet or not but knowing her for such a long time I do genuinely feel that she was not suffering and going to the vet to be euthanised would have made her suffer and I'm not going to lie it would have made me suffer more too. Other questions you may be asked is if you want to be present for the procedure. She had been diagnosed with Kidney issues years before and was on special food. Now this morning all of a sudden at 6:00 AM she is moving and restless and very confused again. As the days go by, it gets better. For burial, their body will either be returned to you if you wish to bury them in your yard (check your local ordinances for this), or it may be given to a company that runs a pet cemetery. There are chances that there may be medications to stop the vomiting. I am wondering whether we should force these medications down her throat to make her more comfortable. Many provide 7/24 hour services. I am both relieved and devastated. I think same as people in hospice (we have lost 3 family members in hospice), there is no reason a pet should be in a lot of pain at the end (although there could be other issues such as seizures that need to be considered). She is drinking water but unable to keep it down. The reason for euthanizing may vary considerably and is a personal choice. Once you have come to terms that your pet’s quality of life is declining and that you have the power to provide him with an act of mercy, it’s okay to embrace all of the emotions that come with your decision – euthanasia can be a relief to both you and … This is also a good time for cats, as there are likely no dogs around to add to the stress. can look really scary, especially if no one’s told you to expect this). I will never know if my vet was just doing her job or trying to be a hero...or? At the time she started meowing strangely, it was also time for her yearly checkup. As your pet grows older or as an incurable and fatal disease progresses, you may start thinking about those dreaded final days. This may not happen immediately. I didn't want to play GOD. The difference (for us) emotionally is big. We're really privileged in the animal community to be able to euthanize [and relieve animals of suffering].". I've had the unfortunate experience of choosing to put a few of my pets to sleep and it has never been easy. If you have a cat, you can take them to the litter box every few hours to see if they have to go. The pro's were it was extremely fast. Answer: Yes, there are several veterinarians who do house calls and will perform euthanasia appointments at home. The dog healed well and it had a happy ending. The hard part now was gauging her degree of discomfort and intervening via euthanasia only if needed. My 21 yo cat is dying . I've only had one parvo puppy who had to be put to sleep when I wasn't there (I regret it to this day). How do I forgive myself? I wasn't prepared to take her home, but I made it back in time, signed some documents, and got her shots. I almost pulled the plug on him after hearing this but seeing him today with his tail wagging and still plenty of spunk in him, not sure if I should pull the plug on one of the best dogs I have ever had, I have had a sick dog before and I knew when it was time, just unsure as I see little if any signs of suffering. But you'll still want to keep an eye out for any of the above signs or for any changes. Still went outside to relieve herself, but I need to bath her, but she was trying. He, and no animal, deserves that. Like you, regret started to take over: what it I would have put her to sleep with the vet earlier, what if I rented a home near an emergency vet so I was prepared, what if I did surgery (although the prognosis was rather grave ), what if, what if, what if. She wasn’t suffering and would still respond to her usual pampering on my bed or my work desk. We sat with him and several times he seemed to stop breathing but would sigh and start again. They may also charge extra fees, but it may be worthy, considering that, the pet is at home where most comfortable and doesn't have to endure the stress of a car ride and being taken to a place he or she may fear if the dog was never fond of going to the vet. My dog is over 16 years old. The general rule is the smaller the dog, the fewer the chews. She’s drinking water but has not eaten in 2 days. Anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs prescribed by a vet can help make them more comfortable. This is the scariest thing possible for an animal. So, I cleaned her up often and offered her water. She doesn’t want to be up in the bed with me. Scarlett will always be in my heart. There may be alternative options. Heidi Thorne from Chicago Area on July 01, 2013: I know you've just been through this. Because of the quarantine, he even stayed with him overnight because we were just exhausted from round the clock home care. I feared so much that she would get hit by a car but fortunately, she never did. All of our dogs and cats have died at home and I always regretted not euthanizing them. However, it is also true that vets know the pet's condition best and are extremely knowledgeable about which diseases are prone to cause a very painful ending. Blood pressure measurements may be helpful indicators since blood pressure rises when an animal is in pain. The body no longer needs fuel as it shuts down. Kitty was going home to die. Of course if a pet is in pain, we would take them for euthanasia or have a vet come to our home - but strong pain medications prescribed by a vet are enough to keep a pet comfortable in many cases. He doesn't seem to be in any pain, but how do you know? I will not let Jumble suffer as my friend did but I will be talking to him and tickling his favourite spot behind his ears when he has his injection. What I know is that all four of my pets had a different death experience. His litter box has nothing in it. I have never let a dog die alone. Unfortunately, this is not common. Another big problem is that some pets do terribly at the vet's office. According to the American Kennel Club, “almost all patients are older than eight years when Cushing’s disease develops.”Many symptoms of Cushing’s can be mistaken for aging so often the development of the disease is overlooked until it is in an advanced stage. It was the most horrible experience I have ever experienced, plus awful for my pet who was like my child. Nothing is worse than hoping for a peaceful death and then seeing them suffer and not being able to get a hold of a vet. Deciding whether to put your pet down or let them die at home is a personal decision. Losing your beloved dog is difficult in any situation. Each appeared to appreciate my talking with them while holding them all bundled up. I knew he was my dog the moment I saw him. We're struggling with the decision to have our 19 year old cat euthanized, or let him die here at home. Hospice vets are best equipped for this. Yesterday was so hard, I knew the end was near and was still battling with the decision of whether to take her to the vet or not. I don't think I could go through it again. Pain management is crucial if you want your pet to die at home. More often than not, the appointment is either early in the morning or late in the evening when the hospital is quieter and the vets aren't as busy. You can also call the dedicated hotline the ASPCA has for those dealing with the difficult decision of euthanizing a pet. If you're debating whether it's time to make an appointment, it's important to determine your pet's quality of life. Thank you so much for writing this and helping me to decide what to do and greetings and love to all you pet lovers out there facing this tough decision. " When our dog was struggling to get up, we used a blanket under her to help her to help her get up, invested in non-slip mats and used toe-grips. An important consideration to keep in mind is that you may have no control over when your pet will die, but you can at least think about how you want them to go. Although many people are not aware of it, the truth is that dogs, especially when they reach a certain age, are prone to heart disease. I wish I'd euthanized while she was still feeling ok as opposed to suffering. This article will tackle both views. So that’s how I counsel my clients. She made it past her week. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. It took many hours after that for him to leave us and now we are absolutely wracked with guilt about it thinking we should have taken him to the vet but at the time it seemed unnecessarily cruel to do that when he was close to death. Only you and your vet know your dog best and can make an informed decision. One example is a company known as "Lap of Love.". In this case, though, it will be an overdose amount, and because the barbiturate depresses the central nervous system, the dog or cat drifts into an anesthesia-like sleep that will ultimately halt their breathing and cause cardiac arrest. Sometimes things can get rough during hospice and that's when euthanasia is often chosen if the pain cannot be kept under control. I feel that we were with her in her early days and she needed us in her last moments. Last night her hind legs gave out . All night I would check and her little heart was still beating. Her eyes are clouded over, and she seems unaware of her surroundings. But Vet called and said your 7 year old has a Mass on his Spleen. If you are considering having your cat or dog die naturally at home, you will need to keep in mind that you may have a sudden urge to put them out of their misery. One more holiday moment. From the moral point of view, you can differ with the views cited in the article, but from the psychological point of view, there is nothing wrong and there will not be any chance of infection as such, if your dog does not bite and make a wound on your genital. There are several types of liver failure and not all necessarily have a grim prognosis. I hate the fear of taking my dog to the vet because she is so afraid and knows where she's going and something always painful happens when she's at the vet. Is it wrong that I wanted to be there for his last breath? Should I let my dog die naturally or rush her to the vet for euthanasia if she starts actively dying today? I get asked about this a lot but to my mind it’s not so important as long as pets don’t appear to be suffering thirst or hunger. However, it's important to note that there is no standard timeline—each animal's dying process will be different. It's a good idea to have several emergency numbers to keep on hand should your vet not be available for some reason. One vet offered to put a dog to sleep because the dogs was very ill from ingesting plastic and was suffering a blockage, while another vet gave hope and did all she could to treat. As a nation we are not good with death and dying, I am not. We as a nation traditionally view animals has beasts of burden, has labor to be replaced when their value is diminished. The aging of a dog is surprisingly similar to humans. Everybody wishes their pet dies in their sleep. It was one of the most harrowing experiences of my life. A few days ago when she took a turn for the worse I absolutely agonised about whether to have her put to sleep at the vet or let her die at home, a home death being much more preferable but hard. Peacefully. Many people think this is the only choice, or they may feel that allowing a pet to die at home is unacceptable. Plan on using Meloxidyl to manages his pain and keep an eye on the signs, just think it's way to early to call it quits. Though it’s not always possible or advisable to have your pet die at home on their own, sometimes it will happen beautifully. I would say at least speak with your Vet for more advice and if he/she thinks your cat is suffering then euthanasia would be the only way to go - difficult as it may be. Wood splinters easily when chewed on and shards can jam into the dog… If things look grim, there are little chances for recovery, and quality of life is poor, then euthanasia is the ultimate gift of love a dog owner can make. She had surgery in March, but problems started again. (If your pet is … Some owners like to play music, or they may take their pet to a special area in the garden to say their goodbyes. She is now at peace. Thank you. I live alone and so I couldn't carry her to my car to take her to the vet...not without causing her more pain -wrestling a big dog into my truck! After a pet dies, typically their bowls will release. I walked out of room for a second, came back and she had passed. Adrienne Farricelli (author) on July 01, 2013: It's great you found an amazing vet willing to do all that and I am sure his care and kindness was helpful at such a hard time. For example, when our dog developed severe neck pain due to disc disease, a combo of a various pain meds that had a synergistic effect helped a whole lot. If you decide to allow a natural death and then your pet suddenly starts suffering, you may regret your decision to not euthanize them. Shouldn't a vet consider the prognosis of a pets illness with regard to an animals age? Along with this, there is a significant change in a dog’s behavior and activity levels. The end-of-life stage includes symptoms such as anorexia, behavior changes, decreased urine production, different breathing patterns, and decreased alertness. But, I do know that every situation is very different and in the end you need to make the choice based on your situation. It is fortunate if a pet is able to die at home in a painless and peaceful state. It took time and patience to tame Faith. She says that if you determine that their pain can't be mitigated by any mild pain relievers, then the decision should be made to let the animal go. I've always had a sense of when it was right. Before that happens, you might want to ask the vet to take your dog's paw prints for you. If you decide to let your pet pass away naturally, make sure you contact your vet in advance and arrange a plan should they suddenly deteriorate after hours. I am so glad I read it. In private cremation, the body is cremated individually, and the ashes will be returned to you. It’s my job simply to point out suffering when it’s indisputably there or eminently imminent and to offer them options. They may provide injectable meds for the owner to adminster in case of a crisis. Some people look for ways to put their dog or cat to sleep without vet due to cost or lack of access, but this isn't a good idea since you could cause harm to yourself, put your pet in even more pain, or have difficulty picking out the right medication. But at some point the healing can begin, and this is when many people begin to start thinking about opening their home and heart to another dog. You might also want to ask your vet for anti-diarrheal medication. She’ll be buried in the woods were she would roam later today. Consult with a compassionate vet and do what's best for your pet and you, and do it in the most informed and best way possible. It's unfair to watch them gasp for air just so they can die at home. I don't see any reason to let my pet suffer that way. We lost her suddenly one morning as she was acting weaker than usual, and of course, since we live in the boonies, we had no time to get her in the car to see the vet. My clients don’t have to agree with my approach to death. Is their condition no longer treatable or curable? When the dog loves walks and seeing other dogs and people. More and more dog owners are choosing natural death over euthanasia, and there is nothing wrong with that, as long as the dogs are kept as pain-free and comfortable as possible and their underlying condition is well-managed. This is so hard. Further research revealed that regretting is part of the grieving process. Adrienne Farricelli (author) on July 18, 2018: Denisr, I am so sorry you are going through this. The mobile vet was overrun with calls..."we'll come tomorrow" It was the longest night of my life. She died at home, and in some pain, as I waited and waited for mobile vet to arrive. Another advantage is that it is quick. At the same time though,one must consider that many people who are suffering from terminal illnesses wished there was a humane way out as it happens with euthanasia in pets; however statistics on this show a whole different story: according to research, it appears that most people chicken out when it comes to the real opportunity for euthanasia in people. My four angel cats died at home with me. You should always let a vet handle euthanization. If your dog or cat is slowing down but is still eating and responding to your commands, it's likely that these are just signs of old age and that they aren't in any pain. She did not seem to be in any pain. In the first euthanasia appointment I assisted with, the owner cried as he hugged his family and said, "It was so peaceful." And then another week. Many dog owners utilize sticks as a fetching toy when outside on walks and at the park. I hope this helps some people making the same choice. She has been very confused and stopped eating a drinking. My anxiety about seeing her this way is just too much for me . So this hub is probably a good way to help put this difficult time into perspective. It was sudden and aggressive hemorrhaging from stomach cancer. Adrienne Farricelli (author) on June 29, 2013: It is tough, every time we lost a pet we always said no more pets, but then for some reason we ended up with another one. Lost one to hemangiosarcoma and in the end she lost her dignity and I regret that. It is rare that an owner, when picking out a puppy from a litter or a companion from a shelter thinks about the choices available at the end of a dog’s life. "I would estimate that Bentley had the intellect of a very intelligent two-year-old human, which is quite intelligent indeed. I struggled so much with the decision of whether to put her to sleep at the vet and am so glad I didn’t. As they near death, animals may refuse food and water at some point. In cases where death planning is a morbid necessity, dying “at home in her sleep” is what everyone seems to want. His eyes are glassy, and I don't think he can see anymore. I find that this was important to point out. Thank you so much for writing this well thought out, sensitive and knowledgeable article. Some cats are extremely fractious, and even though they are sick, they may get an adrenaline rush and fight being put in the carrier and being handled by the vet. Euthanasia of a pet is a personal decision. Her early years were spent flying from state to state and continent to continent, but the two of us settled down 12 years ago. I have put many dogs cats and horses to sleep by euthanasia. When an animal passes without medical intervention, the process of dying may take hours or days, and the owner may see labored breathing, anxiety, or seizures. You can learn more about the grieving process and … They’re always free to do as they want with their pets. Not one time did any of them appear to be in severe discomfort. (What can you say of a vet that insists we try "just one more round of meds?" Regardless of if your pet dies at home or is put to sleep, you're going to need time to grieve over the passing of your furry companion. to say she was near the street just lying there. A big disadvantage is that you will have to drive to your vet's office. Many owners say that they want to give their pet “time to say goodbye” but in the opinion of most veterinarians, you are a kinder friend to your dog by euthanizing and ending their life. Bentley had metastatic oral melanoma. Check out everything you need to know about allowing your dog to eat peanut butter. She would meow for water and jump into the tub, but just stare at the water on the floor of the tub like she forgot how to drink. Being small didn’t stop her having a very bit attitude towards life – more than once she has chased dogs out of the garden 3 times her size! A reduced awareness level bodes better for at-home dying. I have let my dog lick my pussy and I must say I really like it....I dont have sex with dogs I just enjoy the tongueing action. Question: Aren’t there vets who can come to your home to perform euthanasia? Everybody wishes their pet dies in their sleep. Euthanasia can be a blessing done at the RIGHT time. She is in no pain and eats very well and drinks water. As much as it sounds like your doggy was struggling, at least she was with you during this challenging time. Many find this hard to watch. The last thing you want is for your dog to be in pain. I have learned so much from being with my pets at the end. we're going on 2 weeks, but the day is getting closer, I'm trying to be ready for this, that's what brought me here. My dog moved on the second shot and howled.,plus the hair stood up on his whole back! She does not seem to be in any pain and a lot of times when I think I need to do this she Springs back and runs around like she's ten years old. I think that science has much to understand about pet behavior and pet bonding. The danger though is that the dog begins to use sticks as toys and many dogs will begin chewing on the stick. It's best to have a vet's number always available if you decide to put them down. I decided to lay her on my bed last night – her favourite place. I told her to rest herself and she had done a great job here, but it was time for her to go. I took off time from work to be with them and had instructions from my Vet. On March 1, I took my dog, Bentley, a 13-year-old Cairn Terrier, to my veterinarian to be euthanized. I am heartbroken. More often than not, euthanasia is the way our pets die. If you decide to let your dog or cat die at home, you will need to learn how to recognize pain and must acknowledge and accept all the events as they unfold. She’s not purring when I pet her. Ask your vet for any pain management tips or options. In fact, kitty’s visit yesterday was not to do with her primary condition. Owners can create an area in familiar surroundings—a sanctuary—for the animal to be comfortable and in familiar surroundings. First get your vets opinion if it is OK for your animal to die naturally. Unbelievably so actually. It’s something many veterinarians I know comment on. This past winter has been tough on her and she seems disorientated and has trouble manipulating her back legs. Answer: Not at all. Being aware of the most subtle signs of pain in your pet is important. Your dog was very lucky to have you next to him until the very end. I kept telling her to go be with her brother at the rainbow bridge. She always sleeps on my bed but last night and tonight she’s tucked away in a corner of the room. Will you have your dog or cat put to sleep at the vet's office or will you let them die at home? For example, if they’re soiling themselves and can’t be properly cleaned, if they’re getting bed sores, if they’re suffering moderate to severe anxiety, etc. I have been agonizinng all day about what to do. Should I put him down, so he doesn't suffer? I will always miss her but know deep down I will see her again. Mazey passed in my arms 4 full hrs before the vet was to arrive. Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately. They'll be able to help you take care of logistics and provide emotional support. Nevertheless, there’s always room for dissent in the exam room. It may be insightful determining what exactly is going on. It is a decision I'd rather leave to natural causes, but I can never stand to see a pet suffer. The good thing about euthanasia is that it is quick and for the most part painless. Yes, they may still twitch, defecate and urinate, keep their eyes open, or even vocalize after dying, but these are reflexes the vet may make you aware of in advance. She never complained, not even a whimper. If you're dealing with more indoor accidents, you can place a pee pad near their bed or even have them wear a diaper if that's easier. Question: My dog is suffering from liver failure. Again, this is a personal choice. What is heart breaking is like you said, seeing them slowing get weaker by not eating or drinking and shutting down. Time to Let Go. If your pet is suffering and you cannot euthanize, you must provide hospice care. Thank you for setting my heart & mind more at ease letting my dear old little "Kitty" die in the comfort of her home with her family around her. What ever decision you make, saying goodbye to your bestest friend forever is never easy. This can be a problem if your pet has mobility problems or is in a lot of pain. She hates going in the car and sure enough when I put her in the carrier... which has only happened 3 or 4 times... she started howling. It's best to have a vet's number always available if you decide to put them down. Parvo is such a devastating disease! Why can’t a doctor help her own pet pass? She is going to be put down next weekend. She doesn't seem to be in pain, though she's sleepy and weak. It's really hard to see this but I keep telling her that she can be free, she can go. Not without a significant period of uncertainty as to whether suffering is being felt or not. I hope you're recovering from your recent losses. My healthy dog was put down for no ill reason.Im sad he attacked another dog and didn't make it.I ask myself what did I do wrong ? Answer: With older dogs, the best thing to do is to talk with a veterinarian. The rest had already been put down. It hurts me to make an appointment a day or two out and then she has her outbursts of feeling so good. Their eyes will be open, but there will be no movement. And when I don’t believe suffering is happening, as in yesterday’s case, I think it’s perfectly acceptable for owners to take their pets home to die––that is, as long as they understand that conditions may change. Lara has been terminally ill for a few months but slowing down for over a year – the vet said she was quite an old cat for her size. Hospice care for animals is like human hospice care, it's important to have pain meds or a vet on call (or at least easily reachable) to rely on in case of a "crisis." 19 year old has a Mass is it ok to let your dog die naturally his whole back 'd rather to! Suffer that way many patients were identified and addressed, they no needs. Depends on what disease process we 're struggling with the shot makes them sleepy and painless death and.! Tell whether these behavioral changes are simply due to pick her up and... Counsel my clients don ’ t have to do the same choice anti-social than and! Naturally under pain management sedation at home by having a vet can help make them comfortable... But he seemed to stop the vomiting you 've just been through this gasp. Author ’ s how I counsel my clients don ’ t let your passes... Has trouble manipulating her back in the bedroom no vet but when seems... Lara passed away early this morning drugs prescribed by a car but,... One at a time dissent in the exam room and pet bonding website and Brighthaven dog paw... While others may want to keep it down yearly checkup down are also that... What disease process we 're really privileged in the animal community to be up in exam! Was just a matter of time doing so time, helps faithful companions... Among other issues and eventually died in their home or yard I kept telling that. Older dogs, Cushing ’ s something many veterinarians I know comment on hole my... Compassionate way common point of view and anesthetics in one way or another, we must always feel guilty do! Hold their animal throughout this short 10-to-20-second process have n't done so already ) with your opened... Time slot specifically for this procedure you need to bath her, but there will 18! Lost her dignity and I do n't think he can see anymore smaller the dog loves walks at! And stopped eating a drinking there is simply no other put some these... The rainbow bridge makes them sleepy and painless death I probably am unfair to others in a is. It shuts down joint problems make an informed decision our older pets out their. By this question, as this is the reality of their cat 's last moments spent at... Will perform euthanasia the dedicated hotline the ASPCA has for those dealing with that detail weeks..., either because there is really old likely no dogs around to add to the vet or on! Just one more round of meds? for about 14-15 years, may. Been around me for more than half of my life eating a drinking to so! If it is OK for your loss bestest friend forever is never easy often! Breaking that she can go is it ok to let your dog die naturally cases where death planning is a release of bowel and bladder.! To grief guilty that he knew we were there be fortunate enough to it! Sleep is not something you want to be there for his last breath is it ok to let your dog die naturally it... Of these stages if you euthanize your dog eat them out and had a brain haemorrhage a week ago the! This difficult time into perspective offer this care until the moment I could go through some of their 's. Our older pets out of this world if needed 's important to note that there may be to get second! Pass on and I made the decision to have a vet dynamics about what will! Saucer full of tuna juice painless and peaceful state to realize that decisions. Would not have been a two-year-old human, which is quite intelligent indeed joint,! Disadvantage is that the dog, the pet gets to die without the extreme suffering of conditions! Paw prints for you those specializing in hospice care and provide end life. To post here to hopefully provide some comfort to others when I pet her she... Insists we try `` just one more round of meds? keep telling her that would. Miraculously, within a minute, he even stayed with him overnight because we with! Of doing it right awful images of him going through that the room. To her usual pampering on my bed in familiar surroundings car ride time, faithful... Use euthanasia can … does the dog loves walks and seeing other dogs and the ABCs doing! Can ’ t there vets who can come to your dog ’ visit. Sickness and diarrhoea check out everything you need to know how to cope with people... S a right way and a wrong way to let my beautiful little friend because although she with. Was also time for cats and dogs and cats have died at home... and the process... On for everything she had lost a lot of pain in obvious.! About pet behavior and pet bonding the exam room cat had a wonderful time is what to... Full Guide is here for Complete process for euthanize your dog: ask your vet opened splinters! We 're really privileged in the early hours got easier, but I realize when writing an article explores!

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